I love helping people because I did it and I know it can be done!

To see results, you must begin.

I really think sharing a story can sometimes be a life changing event for both the person sharing and the person listening.  My hope with this blog is to share my story, have it change my life in some way and touch others along the way.

I don’t think it strange that for most of my life I’ve loved being healthy and living a moderately healthy lifestyle. I spent a lot of time in Alaska and Hawaii, two states that really spend a lot of time promoting education of the environment and respecting it because of it’s necessity to the ancestors way of life.  mean, I won’t pretend I didn’t do my share of college days partying well before and well after college, I also always chose to eat healthy and exercise. I walked everywhere I wanted to go for many years, even after I owned a car because parking on Oahu can really be a challenge.  I also remember being 14 or 15 and going vegetarian, to the dismay of everyone in my household, and having to prepare most of my own meals. My dad loved and supported me, but he couldn’t understand why or how I could give up pork chops smothered in onions and gravy… I believe the compromise I made was to eat fish.  Of course, back then everything else I made was tofu or had tofu in it.  I swear it’s like tofu was like the only thing promoted for protein if you didn’t want to actually eat animal flesh. Crazy. Times have certainly changed for the better I am sure you will agree.

As a young mother living on her own in the city, on a very fixed budget, I remember eating healthy out of necessity. I couldn’t afford time off from work to take my kid to a bunch of dental visits because of cavities that I could help prevent.  I also couldn’t afford to spend my money on sugary cereals or snacks. I had to buy flour to bake snacks and cereal was WIC approved.  I have to admit, those days were not as bad as they seemed at the time.  It’s funny how the hard times reflect as some of the best times ever.