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Maui Mami and the ohana

As a mom of 8 kids, at 40 I didn’t think I would wear a size 9 ever again.

Aloha, welcome! Thank you for choosing to get to know me a little more. Let me begin with my first name, Dyahnee, it means deer but you can call me d. My last name, Goosby, is from my husband and we’re sure it’s a derivative of Goolsby, changed when his people first came to the US.  I have been married for 16 years and we have 8 children whose ages span from 25 to 7. I grew up, for the most part, in Hawaii where, I also met my husband and all of our children have been born.  We live on the north shore of the beautiful island of Maui.


Lae'ula O Kai perpetuating life through the planting of Koa trees.

Lae’ula O Kai planting Koa trees up windmills. The perpetuation of life and canoe paddling is happening and we get to do this together as an ohana. Best day in a while.

That is basically me in a nut shell. I love nature, my family and I love the Lord Jesus.  I believe as human race we were born in a garden and if we eat as such, we will be healthier. I believe if we are out in nature having fun and exercising, we will be healthier. I also believe if we put aside our pride and allow others to help us, we help others and heal our communities.  I try to get out in the community and participate in different things from awareness events to the regular after regatta celebration.  I enjoy having fun and really enjoy others who do as well.

Purium tutu Helena with her babies

3 generations of Purium daughters right here

There was a time when I was strict on my diet and then as life happened and babies happened and laziness happened, I became way less strict on my diet. I went from being almost vegan at 16 to eating at burgers at fast food restaurants.  I thought all was lost when I was almost 300 pounds and almost 40 years old.  There were other plans for me in the universe though and I met a friend who introduced me to Purium, which is really helping to change my life.

I hope you will add me on your favorite social network so we can connect and get to know each other more.  If there is anything about me you don’t like, I ask you to please offer me only constructive criticism in a positive package or kindly move along.  I really don’t want or choose to engage in negative drama.