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New year, new “stuffs” to try. With the coming of the 2018 year, there have been so many introductions to new things for me.  My family already celebrates the holidays differently than most so New Years Day for us is really a day filled with new.   Needless to say, when things don’t go as planned and the need to be flexible comes into play, there is a lot of change happening internally to make it work. Now here is where it gets really interesting. I noticed that the Lord has been “preparing” me for something and it started with a desire to be back in the Word more. I found myself once again picking up my devotionals with a bit more consistency and watching some inspirational television for more.  My husband and I were having random conversations about preparations and provision and change and then WHAM! We go to a church that has weekend services, a service on Friday evening and 2 on Sunday. Well, that weekend, at BOTH services, the pastors taught on the full and complete provision of Jesus and how in the different areas that we are experiencing lack, whether it is financial or emotional for example, Jesus can really make a difference in our perspective and the outcome of the situation. They also spoke on our influence on each other and the need to be more compassionate on purpose because fellowship is so important to the body of Christ. The only reason I mention all of this is to say that obviously, these are areas that I felt there is some light being shown to me on what I need to change about myself in order to continue to go and grow.  I feel very strongly that when the Lord is speaking to me, He is preparing me for what is to come.  In this instance, I had NO IDEA how right I would be.

goosby ornament  On New Years morning, we open gifts.  Right there we have so much new stuff. New clothes, new toys, new bills to pay for all the new stuff. This year, my father in law had been visiting for Christmas so that kinda threw me off with my plans and I just didn’t seem to get back on track so this year also began with a lot of perspective changes for me.  I had to accept that my plans weren’t followed to the T and that was ok. In fact, everyone still had a wonderful time and I was not overwhelmed with cooking or cleaning or entertaining. Imagine a holiday like that! They exist and you do not have to be alone for it.  So the holiday was technically over and we made it through without scars or tears but my husband and I still had another week with 7 kids out of school and only one refrigerator and then I received a text from my husband that our household “income” was going to change by $1400 effective immediately. So, do I need to say that I completely freaked out? I mean freaked out was a slight understatement. It took me about a day to calm down completely. I needed to vent my fears I guess, but one thing I did as I was venting was to ask for prayer.  That means also, I only told my problem to a select few who I knew prayed.  I must admit, I feel that simple request was powerful beyond measure. By the end of the day, God had definitely begun to deposit into me His peace. He brought back to my memory all the times in the past He has brought us to a place of dis ease and discomfort and allowed us to draw closer to Him, getting to know His character better and trust in Him more. It always works and this time was no different. I text my husband back that it would be ok and that I trust God will provide.  My husband had already begun to do some things to offset the impact and we both agreed, God is telling us it’s time to level up. Wheels are in motion and our attitude is making all the difference.

So, here we are, a little over week 2 of  2018.  My life feels like it is up in the air.  I have so many things that seem to be going on.  I also feel, with proper planning and perspective, I can do it all. I have learned from this holiday season, to be more flexible because it will work out.

forgienschedule So, what can you expect from me this year on this blog? Well, to begin, monthly posts that are intended to share my experience and knowledge gained.  I hope you will read my blog and takeaway for yourself a new perspective perhaps or some helpful tips to make your life that much simpler.  I also will share how my faith throughout the experiences is helping me.  It’s my belief that as we read how God uses us and blesses us we encourage one another and build up each other’s faith.  From you, I ask for patience as I continue to learn and grow and share and authentic.  It’s a unique gift to want to share with strangers in the hope to build a community, especially when I feel socially awkward and a bit introverted.  But, even more than that, I want to be a positive influence so please, subscribe and comment, give me feedback.  Do I sound like an idiot? Let me know! I want to get to know you and what interests you.  I am excited about this new year and all the new opportunities ahead of us.  I am also building JDs Organic Productions, a YouTube channel where I hope to create interesting visuals of some of our discussions or some of the experiences I have.  As the channel grows, I hope some of you will be open to sharing your experiences or expertise also with our community through Hangouts.  I believe with planning, a positive perspective and lots of prayer, 2018 will be a year of exponential growth and success for us all. Let’s grow together!

To kick off our new year let’s begin with what we are reading. I have decided to start my year with The Power of Positive Thinking (of course) and My Utmost For His Highest as my daily devotional. Next month we can discuss The Power of Positive Thinking and it’s impact on our first month of the year.  Sounds good? Great! I believe garbage in, garbage out so let’s fill our minds with only the healthiest, GMO-free, organic, loving, kind and nourishing thoughts so we have only that same healthy, positive, loving energy to give away.