5 Tips for Successful Vlogging

It has been a minute and I have soooooo much to catch you all up on! I feel it is important to APOLOGIZE for suddenly going MIA for the summer basically. I went to Washington for spring break (I have that story in drafts) and then went on a 40-day water fast (I have started that story… also in drafts) when I got back that ended right near the end of the school year, literally days before school ended. Once school ended, the real work began for me. I have a senior this year and in Hawaii, there is a mandatory senior project that must be completed or the student won’t graduate so my senior began working on her project over the summer while also taking a class at the local college.  I literally spent the summer driving kids to and fro.  Now that summer has ended and school has begun again, I am back at work and apparently, back to sitting down having moments to blog.

So, why then is this blog post called 5 tips for successful vlogging? Yes, friends, I have FINALLY delved deep into the YouTube creators world and wait… what am I saying? I have had a YouTube channel since 2014. I have literally, (favorite word of the day apparently) posted one video a year. I didn’t realize it until my girlfriend, the one I went to visit in WA, called me out for not having uploaded a video in a year. I felt it. The shame, the conviction, the fear and so I… started watching a bunch of videos again.

I met a wonderful Hawaii vlogger named Marissa Rodriguez.

Marissa Rodriguez

Hawaii vlogger & marathon runner

I say met, but what I mean is, I discovered her YouTube channel, marathoned it like it was a Netflix series and basically fell in love. NO, not romantic love, remember I am married with 8 kids… I mean I just love her personality and character and I love most, her authenticity. I mean she makes me laugh out loud and say “THAT IS SOOOOO ME!” and because of THAT, I decided to retake the 100 daily vlogging challenge.  This time I am not doing it to promote some business, I am doing it for myself. To build my brand. JDs Organic Productions.  The J is for my husband Jason and the D is me (of course) and we have organically produced 8 children among other things.

This channel challenge is to help me build my accountability in action towards my goals. I have to admit that already it is such a big help.  As a result of my vlogging, I remembered how important it is for me to write.  I have a small subscriber base who I truly appreciate and am so humbled by.  I want to give you content and show you that I am worth the few minutes of your day that you spend with me.  I have to admit, the channel has helped me remember that. All the little things that are important to me come back to the surface when I try to plan how to achieve my goals.  It really is wonderful. So what are the basics of vlogging as I am discovering them?

  1. Just start.  Seriously one of the hardest things to do in life is to start something. Life has ways of making it easier but it is still hard and stressful in its own right. For example parenting.  One day you are not pregnant then you are a parent.  So if life trusts us with such great responsibility out of the blue, we can certainly handle moving towards our dreams.
  2. Perfect is NOT the goal. One thing that kept me hung up the first few days of editing my first video was trying to make things perfect, based on all the hours of videos I’ve seen on YouTube through the years.  Then one day I realized that I really had a limited knowledge of what I was doing so I should work with that. Next thing I knew I was pumping out videos and each had a new element I’d discovered.
  3. Enjoy the journey. I was embarrassed at first to make videos because I was so hung up on perfection and entertainment that I wasn’t having any fun and I really wondered if this whole thing was even for me. I pressed on (thanks Marissa) because I remembered that there is growth happening.  Now when I watch the videos I see my own growth in such a short amount of time and it’s wonderful. I am so glad I didn’t quit.
  4. Don’t quit. Of course, this was next, don’t ever quit.  There is no way to tell if something is for me if I quit when it gets hard, boring or inconvenient.  I am learning that those very adjectives are what makes the journey a growing experience and the best memories. I am thinking what really happens is during the first 90 days of something, every emotional and mental barrier pops up and challenges us to see if we are serious about whatever we are pursuing. The next 90 days is the settling in of the spirit to this change and after that, it’s the normal stresses learning how to stretch us and keep us growing. If we quit, there is no growth and no memories.  The memories matter guys.  When I am feeling low, it’s the memories that keep me pressing on.
  5. Don’t be afraid to promote! Okay, so this one is a little bit funky for me to write about because I can be the queen of not promoting myself while going crazy promoting others. I mean seriously. I am often the loudest cheerleader for a good or service that I think has value but I get a lil shy when it comes to what I have to offer.  I have learned that there is ALWAYS someone, somewhere who wants to hear or see or connect with me and I with someone and so forth and so on. We are not alone in this wild and crazy world and the only way to know where your tribe is, is to get out there!

So while I am only on day 18 of this 100-day vlogging challenge, I have already really learned so much about myself, vlogging, editing, and personal growth. I highly recommend anyone wanting to dig a little deeper into their own self-awareness try a short daily vlogging challenge and see how much you learn and please share the videos with the rest of us so we can be inspired.

iGrow YouTube Thumbnail.png

If you would like to see more about my personal journey building JDs Organic Productions online brand, please head over to my channel at: JDs Organic Channel


Quick Update

Aloha friends!  I want to begin this post with an apology for appearing to be MIA. I have been writing draft after draft and feeling like I need to add more research, more data. I suppose with the craze of fake news splashing my notifications constantly, I don’t want to contribute to the chaos.  Well, pathetic excuses aside, I HAVE been creating LOTS of content to share. I mean, I have really been having some adventures these 2 months and I am very excited to share with you. In fact, I have kept most of my adventures off of social media so that I can share with YOU FIRST!

So, where to begin… I took my first vacation alone ever in life. I went to Washington State, rented a car and spent the next 6 days growing into a healthier adult and I absolutely loved it! I highly recommend vacationing alone once in a while to a new place. It really can be so fulfilling and fun!!

Speaking of new… I may have mentioned that I was taking a class at the university here. Well, it was a short class about cleansing and the benefits to the body. I missed the last class to catch my flight to the airport, but I learned so much, I am super pumped to share with you what I learned which led me to… wait for it…

Water fasting. Yes, I left my cleanse class with an insatiable desire to do a water fast! I know, I know, you must be thinking I am crazy. You have really no idea. Wait until I tell you how long I am doing the fast for… 40 days. Yes, friends. 40 days is the goal. I did not arrive at that number on my own, please know that. I also DO NOT recommend anyone follow in my footsteps without properly preparing AND SPEAKING TO YOUR DOCTOR. I did. I prepared for a month and got my doctors’ ok and then I went nuts. You should know, that’s just how I do things these days. All in or why?


me and a pineapple

one of my happy places is my little garden… great things are growing here!


Does that seem like a lot for just 2 months? It does to me, but then again, at the time of writing this I am on day 18 of my 40 days and I am feeling like I could jump off the Seattle Space Center (with a bungee of course). Ok, I got that idea from an amazing simulated adventure available in the Space Center but then I found out that in Vegas… wait, did I mention my husband and I are planning a Vegas vacay? Yes friends, that too! OMG! What is going on in Maui in 2018? Lots friends, lots and lots and I hope and pray lots more.

Speaking of praying, spiritual growth is happening also. It’s amazing what goes on in a mind and to attempt to clear out the negative while feeding our bodies toxic substances is extremely challenging, but not impossible. Eliminating the additional toxins while clearing our minds is much easier in my opinion because the demons that plague us come head on and are relentless. The need for Jesus and the presence of the Lord has become very evident to me this past month and I am excited to share that with you also!

So, this is just a short, quick update to check in and let you know that I think of you often, am preparing what I hope you will find is GREAT content and I am having some amazing experiences that are following along with our New Year plan of action.  I am excited and optimistic about the future and the way it is going. I hope you are having some amazing experiences yourself and you have been true to your heart and following your goals for this new year. I know, it’s May 1st tomorrow so the year isn’t so new, but it’s always new to me when each day is the beginning of something amazing.

Ok friends. I am in between responsibilities right now and must go grab my daughter from school and I want to jump into the posts I have been hinting at. I will return shortly and look forward to sharing all that I have to share. I hope you are excited to read all about it too!